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Mario Barišin

The spiritual world has intrigued me for over ten years. Searching for knowledge, I attended various seminars and schools. Each of them taught me something, yet none of it felt quite right.

After years of searching for my own path, I was fortunate enough to find Svetlana Novak, an incredible woman who introduced me to the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi.  At first I found it almost impossible to understand and accept a set of ideas that seemed to defy logic, but deep inside my soul I felt the truth.

Through her lectures and seminars, I was able to explore this new knowledge. Grigori Grabovoi’s knowledge, passed on by Svetlana Novak, truly fascinated me and I tried various methods of performing concentration: working with number sequences, geometric shapes, plants.

At times I practiced diligently, at times little less so, and the results reflected this: a tiny breakthrough would be…

followed by a failure. I continued attending the seminars, but the mastery of practice was beyond my reach.

And then I got hold of Grigori Grabovoi’s first book about healing. Although the book was challenging in terms of vocabulary and language, I read on and when I came upon the sentence  ‘’ You have all the time in the world to heal’’ – everything suddenly clicked into place.

At that point it has become clear to me that everything depends on the effort and the time you invest in concentration. This was a game changer: I set a small personal aim related to my job, I repeated the practice three times for thirty minutes and few weeks later – my aim was accomplished!

Since then I have extensively explored the study and practice of the methods of concentration and I feel that the moment has come to share this knowledge with others.

As for me, my other passion in life is music. As a composer and lyric writer, I have released several albums with my band over the years. I have also scored several theatrical productions and taken part in various music projects as a musician or a co-author.

My creative impulses have found yet another outlet in pottery. I transfer my fascination with colors and their metaphysical meanings to hand-painted clay objects that have found their way into many galleries and museums. I also produce paintings in digital format, including my album covers.

The vibrations that come out of strings, music, colors and earth have been with me all my life. Today, I know that these vibrations have helped me to become fully aware of the spiritual world with which we are inextricably linked.

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