Can I buy more than one set?

Yes. You will surround yourself with even stronger vibrations of harmony and love.


Can I buy a set for another person? Or do a concentration session for another person?

You can buy a universal set and instruct the other person how to use it. Personal sets are produced in close contact with the person they are meant for.
You can do a concentration session for another person in case this person is prevented from doing it.
If the person is able to do the work alone, they should; according to Grigori Grabovoi’s teaching, each person has a duty to learn to grow and attain their goals by themselves.
On the macro-level, you are already working for others.


What does working on the macro-level mean?
You wish to achieve a goal. You send an impulse (mentally or out loud) – let all who have the same goal realize it, including me. The impulse will reflect simultaneously from everyone involved and speed up the realization of your goal.


Can I use consciousness concentration to address very specific problems, such as a case of herpes, for instance?

Yes. If you suffer from herpes, you can successfully heal yourself using a personalized concentration set made specifically for you.


I have just ended a long relationship. Can this method help me confirm I have made the right decision?

If you have any doubts about your decision, consciousness concentration will help you see what is right for you.


My new business is struggling. Could this method be used to achieve success?

Yes. There are sets made for this purpose that will enable you to realize your goal.