Grigori Grabovoi

Grigori Grabovoi is a Russian academician and scientist with a PhD in physics, mathematics, information science and philosophy. In his works, he set the foundations for remote diagnostics and matter recovery.

He has discovered and studied the field of creative information, using it successfully to predict, manage and prevent events.

Grigori Grabovoi has developed efficient management methods that affect personal information systems through consciousness.

One of his methods is the restoration of health by concentrating on numerical sequences.

Each numerical sequence contains a spiritual and energetic vibration of harmony with nature and the universe, which acts independently.

The number is completely independent of the language in which it is pronounced.
Grigori Grabovoi has provided numbers for all spheres of life.
By concentrating on them, the body heals and the problem or the situation we are dealing with achieves balance.

He also provides methods of managing information by concentrating on: geometric shapes, distant parts of consciousness, natural phenomena, plants, colors etc.

All his methods are scientifically researched and proven, officially confirmed and certified, and adapted for the individual and independent work of each individual.
Grigori Grabovoi has published over 500 books and seminar works.

grigori grabovoi

“For these exercises, I want to make one more remark. I repeat once more that you yourself must determine the number of concentrations and their duration.

Also, you have to decide for yourself which result is currently most important to you, what you should strive for first and foremost. If you want to get a certain result in any time frame, then put that time frame into your goals and achieve it by concentration.

Remember that these are creative exercises. They help you develop. With these concentration exercises you will grow spiritually, and this, in turn, will help you do all these concentration exercises at a higher level that will give you even greater development, and so on. This process is endless. You will soon discover that your life has begun to change for the better, although, to be more precise, I must say that you have begun to make it so yourself, so you will gradually begin to manage your own life.
These exercises contribute to the development of awareness and events in your life in a favorable direction, achieving full health and establishing harmony with the pulse of the Universe.”

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