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Creating harmony related to the teaching of Grigori Grabovoi, well-known Doctor of Physics and Mathematical Sciences, Academician, and much more.

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Find out about the easy method for problem-solving and improve your health, finance, career, family relationships or find an ideal life partner…

Create harmony by concentration
What is it all about

Do you sometimes think how great it would be if you could only take control of your own life?                                           

Trouble sleeping. Illness. Pain. Financial difficulties. Or just a feeling of being stuck – in your job, in your relationship, in your life.

We all know how hard it can get.

But there is a way to take matters into your own hands. You can sleep well again, stop the pain, resolve money issues. Change your life and make your problems go away simply by using your own consciousness.

Our consciousness is the most powerful tool at our disposal. It connects us to the deepest forces that shape the world and reality.

You can harness its power through a special technique of concentration, based on concentration sets made for you personally. Consciousness concentration enables you to overcome obstacles and create your own life like you want it to be.

Use it to meet your soulmate, find a more rewarding job, buy the house of your dreams, heal your back or get rid of negativity in your life. Use it to reach happiness and inner peace.

Tune into your intuition. Learn to read the signs. Health, prosperity, love and spiritual growth are within your reach.

Consciousness concentration is a unique, yet simple method that works. Use it to achieve harmony with nature and the universe and become the master of your destiny. Allow yourself to grow into the unique person that you are, finding

your very own purpose and mission in this world.

Concentration set

The number sequences, as well as the crystal and cloud applications in this concentration set, have been selected from the teaching methods of academic Grigori Grabovoi.

The number sequences provided by him are a combination of numbers which vibrate in harmony with nature and the universe at a specific frequency.

Through concentration and visualization of the numbers, the energy returns to its natural state to achieve a harmonious relationship with its environment: the body heals and the problem or the situation that existed is resolved.

Learn more about how to use this method

concentration kit
concentration kit

How to work with concentration?

Read below how to perform easy concentration exercises using the concentration set consisting of number sequence, crystal and the cloud. For any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

about number sequneces

Each numerical sequence contains a spiritual and energetic vibration of harmony with nature and the universe, which acts independently.

Relax and enter a peaceful state, say that you are working on a macro level for everyone including yourself.

Set a goal that you want to achieve.  The goal has to be clearly and precisely formulated (e.g. I want to heal my spine, I need money to buy a house, I want a rewarding job…).

With the set created for you personally, you can achieve this.


When you focus on your personal number sequence, you take your soul or an event to a state of balance and norm. The vibration of the number sequence contains information on norm harmony.


While you are working, you need to pronounce each number separately (mentally or out loud) to match and tune your soul or the vent to the vibration of harmony.

Work at least three minutes with each number sequence. If you are intuitively more attracted to a particular sequence, stay focused on it longer.


Visualize yourself or the event you need inside the crystal to envision it as if whatever you wish for has already been achieved. The same applies to events that need to be changed: you visualize the change inside the crystal. While doing that,  you can imagine a silvery-white sphere around the crystal.

You work for at least three minutes.


As you focus your attention on the cloud, you are aware of the fact that raindrops or snowflakes are a consequence of the existence of clouds.  Concentrating on these consequences of clouds, you hold information or event you need in your consciousness and it becomes real.

You work for at least three minutes.

Finish the concentration by saying, ‘’This is how it is, this is how I want it’’.

Concentration exercises are performed 3 times a day for 15 minutes.

The more time you spend performing the exercises, the faster you will reach your goal.

When you perform your concentration exercises, in the beginning your thoughts may wander off.  Just focus on the object that you are working with and over time you will train your ability to concentrate, which will help you achieve your goals faster.

If you are still unable to visualize the required event,  describe in words what you are doing, mentally or out loud.


set example crystals
personalized set


Concentration Set


Personalized Set


Universal Set

Universal set


Concentration Set